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Chesterfield Market Stall - Saturdays Chesterfield, Saturdays, Little Market, Top Row.

Traditional honeyLocal honey available here!

beekeepers and bees Mac and James hard at work.
1 x Local Summer Honey (Runny/Set)

You can check stock levels by phoning 01246 854318

Local Summer Honey Direct from the producers.

Roper's Honey are Bee Farmers.
We tend to around 100 colonies of bees
which forage around the fields and hedgerows of Derbyshire.

Our Summer Honey has a traditional honey taste.

The taste does vary depending on which apiary the honey has come from
and the flowers which the bees have foraged on around that apiary.

Bees fly 3-5 miles and visit many flowers for the pollen and the necter which make up this honey.

  Honey with recognisable smells, tastes and colours such as 'Lime Tree Honey' and 'Heather Honey' are extracted, bottled and sold separately.

Once your honey arrives, you don't need to keep it in your fridge, 
just keep the lid on tight so that your honey doesn't absorb moisture and it will last for years.

Please note:  Honey starts off life runny, most honey will set, timing and hardness depend on the type of honey.
You can bring set honey back to runny honey:
- remove lid and place in microwave for a short time
- or put in the oven on a low heat.

Get postage wise:  you can normally buy a few items, depending on size, for the same postage cost.


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