Extraction & Bottling Service


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We offer an Extraction Service at the Bee Farm.

£7 per super/bucket, if you leave your wax.

£14 per super/bucket, if you take your wax away
(or have your honey spun off).

Set Honey.  
Frames are placed into our Apimelter which has 2 thermostats and allows us to extract the honey from the wax at a very low heat
(around hive temperature).  The honey is then placed into buckets ready for your collection.

10ltr buckets are available from us at £2.60 each or
£2.40 each for 10+.


bypass the buckets,
we can bottle the honey for you.

- for 12p / jar plus cost of jar+lid

12oz and 8oz Hex available from us at
72 empty jars + lids = £24.50 (34p each) or
for small quantities = ​40p each

Telephone: 01246 854318
To book your supers in for extraction

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