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Candipolline Gold Pollen feed 1kg


Sorry This Item Is Temporarily Out Of Stock.

1kg packet of Candipolline Gold.  Best before:  09.08.2017.

Complete feed for beekeeping.  Use early in the Season to promote growth within the colony.  Contains Sterilized Bee Pollen.

Indications:  The combination of sugar, together with the proteins of the bee pollen, make this product ideal for beekeeping nourishment, particularly for develloping families and whenever there is a scarce pollen importation.

Use:  A hole must be made in the plastic bag and laid inside the beehive.

For beekeeping only.

Composition:  Beet Sugar (Sucrose), Sugar Syrup, Pollen, Caseinate, Albumen, Glycerin.
Additives (per Kg):  Vitamins: E300 1-Ascorbic Acid 400 IU/kg
Analytic Consituents:  Sugar 90%, Proteins 1.38% Crude fibre 0.36%, Crude oil and fat subst. 0.25%, Crude ashes 0.04%, Calcium <0.01, Phosphorus <0.01, Sodium <0.001, Mehionine < 0.024%, Lysina 0.038%

Available to collect from Sutton Scarsdale, Chesterfield.

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