There are a couple of website links below, that will help you identify and decide which is the best course of action for you and your bees.

Google is an amazing tool, but the images can be very misleading.

Take a look at the shape and location of the beebees.

1.   Are they ...

-  Round and fury.  
-  In a birdbox.
-  Floating around the gutter/apex.
-  In the ground.

... these are more likely to be bumblebees.  Large ones being the queens and the small ones are the workers.

Use the link below to learn about bumblebees, their life cycle and how you may be able to move them.

Contact Paul at Anway Pest Control & Washroom Solution 07852 836451 or

Martyn at ABM Pest Control 01623 360299.  07792126632.

2.   Are they ...

-  slender in shape?
-  Did the bees arrive on mass?
-  Look like a wasp but more orange/brown and black.

... these are more likely to be honeybees.

To find a local Honeybee swarm collector, use the link below then scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter your postcode.