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Api-Bioxal / Oxalic Acid 35g sachet / Varroa Treatment




EXP:  30/06/2019

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Api-Bioxal is a Veterinary Medicine against Varroa Destructor, based on Oxalic Acid.  

Why choose Api-Bioxal?
The raw materials and finished product have been Quality Controlled.  
Api-Bioxal has been made for this specific job with bees and honey in mind.

35g sachet for 10 colonies (based on 10 frames of bees treated by trickling).

Api-Bioxal offers an optimal concentration of oxalic acid for maximum effectiveness against Varroa. 
No known resistance.

The powder dissolves easily in sugar syrup at room temperature. 
Can be trickled between frames of bees or applied using a vaporizer.

Use when brood rearing is at its lowest level.

Permitted in organic beekeeping.

Wear protective mask, gloves and glasses when using.

Method for use:

Trickling:  Dissolve all the powder of the sachet in the sugar syrup prepared as follows:

Sachet Syrup Sugar Water
35g 500ml 308,6g 308,6ml


Trickle 5ml of the prepared solution onto each brood-frame of bees.


Apply using a commercial vaporizer following manufacturer's instructions and observing safety advice.

Dosage:  2.3g for colony.

Usage Advice:

When handling the product whether preparing the soluction or vaporizing wear a protective mask (type FFP2), gloves and glasses.
Treat all colonies in the apiary at the same time to discourage robbing.
For summer treatment stop the queen laying for 25 days prior to treatment.
(For further product advice and information see the label)


As packaged for sale:  3 years.  Use before Expiry date.
After first opening:  3 months.  Use before Expiry date.
After mixing with syrup:  24 hours.  Use before Expiry date.

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