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Asian Hornet Trap Apishield National (from £49)


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Plagued by wasps?  Worried about the Asian Hornet?  Help protect your bees with the ApiShield.

ApiShield is a patented trap and is the worlds first integrated trap to safeguard honeybee colonies from predation by robber bees, wasps, wax moth and hornets, including the Asian hornet (Vespa Velutina) which is invading many European countries.  ApiShield will also trap hornet queens.

Key Facts

  • Protects your bees from wasp and hornet attack towards the end of the season
  • Easy to use and low maintenance
  • No mess
  • No bait, chemicals or consumables required
  • Also acts as Varroa floor / screened bottom board
  • Ideal for use in an apiary sentinel hive
  • Highly effective with just one ApiShield trap per five hives in an apiary
  • Protects against robber bees, helping to prevent disease spread.

The ApiShield trap completely replaces the traditional solid hive floor. When first installed under a hive, the side entrances should be blocked for at least 3 days with the supplied bars. This teaches the colonys bees to enter only through the hive entrance, which they can protect. Although the floor can be in place all season, we strongly recommend that the side doors are not opened until towards the end of the season, when it will trap the pests of honey bees.

Special price of £49/trap applies in store at Unit 3, Hall Farm, Sutton Scarsdale, S44 5UW.

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