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MAQS Mite Away Quick Strips. (10 treatments) Varroa treatment


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Designed to kill the mites on the bees and in the cells.

Bucket containing 20 strips - enought to treat 10 colonies.

Treatment of Varroosis caused by Varroa Destructor in honey bees (Apis mellifers).

Active substance:  Each Beehive Strip contains:
Formic Acid 68.2g
Each strip is an off-white to caramel coloured gel wrapped in white laminated biodegradable paper.  Each strip is approximately 10 x 20 x 0.4cm.

Dosage:  1 sachet (2 strips) per hive.
The treatment period is 7 days.  Allow a minimum of one month between applications.  In-Hive use.

Do not use at temperatures outside the specified range (10 to 29.5 oc).

Do not use for treatment of smaller colonies.  More information available on the instruction leaflet.

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